CAD Drafting Services

CAD Drafting services offered


  • Paper to CAD
    • ​Anything from hand sketches to hand drawn legacy files converted to CAD.
  • 2D to 3D Conversions
    • 2D drawings or sketches converted to 3D solid models.​

Mechanical Drafting:

  • 2D Mechanical Drawings
    • ​Manufacturing & Production Drawings
    • ​Machine Shop Drawings
    • ​Casting & Machined Drawings
    • ​Sheet Metal "Flat Sheet" form drawings
    • ​​Weldment Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings
    • Assembly instruction sheets
    • ​Assembly Drawings with integrated B.O.M.
    • ​​Isometric views & Exploded Isometric views

Software Customization:

  • Template Creation
    • ​SolidWorks Part, Assembly & Drawin​g template creation​
  • Title Block & Border Creation
    • Customized SolidWorks Title Blocks & Sheet Formats​

Reverse Engineering:

  •  Drawing or 3D model creation from existing components

3D Modeling:

  • Create 3D Solid Models from drawings, sketches or design concepts
  • ​Existing CAD data redrawn in SolidWorks​
  • ​3D Animations
  • ​Photorealistic Renderings for sales literature